Welcome to my blog!


With a great passion for baking and being lucky enough to have the time to bake and adapt recipes I thought I would have a go at writing a blog so I can share my passion and my creations!

I am also coeliac, so I often adapt recipes to suit my dietary requirements and so therefore a lot of my bakes are Gluten Free!

With a family that love homemade breads and pastries though, I also bake a lot of these for my family, unfortunately these are not Gluten Free so I can’t eat them but they absolutely love them and are quick to tell me if they are good all not!

I love photography as well as baking and frequently photograph my creations too! I have just set up an Instagram account


I am also on Facebook!


So please feel free to follow my baking on these too!

A few of my past creations!


Breads & Pastries!


A Selection of Cakes & Birthday Cakes!



…..and these ones are all Gluten Free!!


I have never blogged before so will be learning along the way, so please bear with!

Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Just had a good look at your site/blog and loved it. All the sort of cakes I like with easy instructions with photos along the way. Also all the ingredients are ready available in local supermarkets, unlike American recipes using brands that are unavailable in the UK. Well done and keep the lovely recipes coming.


  2. Thank you, that’s really appreciated,
    I want coeliacs to be able to bake with basic all purpose gluten free flours & without the need for specialist ingredients. I love gluten free baking but as soon as a recipe has specialist flours I don’t want to even attempt or try it.
    I’m glad you like the recipes, I’ve got a few more to write up and share as soon as I have time 🙂


  3. Do you have any tips for gluten free bakes that are slimming friendly , I know ,should I be saying that , your recipes all look delicious but I am currently following slimming world , so have been drooling a bit , many thanks ,

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    1. Hi Liz, I’m continually on a diet to loose weight ( I’m certainly not a skinny coeliac….in fact the opposite!)
      I’ve never done slimming world, I’ve done Weightwatchers and currently use my fitness pal and my fitbit. I’ve looked at the recipes for cakes and biscuits on the slimming world website and I think they could be easily adapted. Just replace the flours, biscuits etc with the gluten free versions (I get mine from Asda) and make sure you use a gluten free baking powder as not all baking powders are gluten free. For the biscuits you may need a bit of xanthan Gum to help them bind. (I tend to use 1/2 teaspoon in my recipes)
      I hope this helps!
      We all need treats & especially when dieting so give them a go! I might try some myself on my diet 🙂


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